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Learn how a creative arts class can revitalize your team.

Create Confidence

Creating a professional-looking piece of art in less than 2 hours brings a sense of achievement. When your team finishes the event with something they are truly proud of, they create confidence within themselves…a quality that carries on into the work they do.

Build Connections

Participating in an outdoor art class gives everyone a sense of being on the same level. When your team feels like equals, they naturally re-establish trust and seek to develop commons bonds. Your team will find themselves encouraging each other as they work together on something purely creative.

Boost Creativity

Creativity is not just for artists. Whether your team is working on a complex project or solving problems for your customers, they need creative thinking to be truly productive. Find out how a creative arts class can re-ignite your team’s creative abilities.

As Simple as

Showing Up

From the supplies to a friendly instructor, everything is ready when you and your team show up. 



Receive personal guidance and assistance from an art instructor who instills confidence in every team member to let go, have fun, and create.


  • Taking your team out of the office to connect and plan for the future is essential, even when your “office“ is the zoo. This year I asked the leadership team to share their individual visions for the next year - and I meant it literally. But the guidance of an artist, they painted what the future could look like for the organization. Without the constraints of text or structure, the activity was both challenging and empowering. The result was a plan that was specific, insightful and visionary. Featured in Smart Business Magazine.

    Tanya Peterson
    Tanya Peterson San Francisco Zoo
  • Lucinda treasures her role as a teacher. Her skillful, personalized attention ignites in her students that wonderful discovery and recognition that painting can be an exciting pathway both to personal fulfillment, and to brightening the world a little in the process. Her love in sharing with others this precious skill, that has meant so much to her, makes those teaching moments treasured moments of self-discovery, camaraderie in creativity, and timeless joy.

    Sam Wyrick
    Sam Wyrick Retired Investment Banker
  • I was interested in something everyone would enjoy, and learn something about themselves while achieving our goal. My group was at a low point, and with Lucinda's energy and musing she elevated us by helping with our self-expression and creativity.  I love the fact that Lucinda reveled in each of our successes. It was the high point of our retreat!

    Dr Trish Fleck
    Dr Trish Fleck Neonatal, Boston
  • "On my 50th birthday I took my first watercolor art class with Lucinda. That day an artist was born. The painting is framed and named “Encouragement”. Lucinda makes painting fun, creative and an expression of life’s joys. Life can be tough. It is special people like Lucinda that smile and say, “Let’s have fun”. Have fun. Paint with Lucinda!"

    Dave Thompson
    Dave Thompson Retired Mortgage Broker

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